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Color Choices

Here's a list of the different etches and color options I offer.  Please browse this page when placing your sign order and let me know what color you would like for your sign in the details field at checkout. 


I start the patina process with a special etch that develops a bright orange which will continue to patina to a dark rusty brown when left to weather in the elements.  Rust is great for visibility and looks especially nice on outdoor signs.  If you're mounting a sign intended to rust outdoors on a wall, you should space it off the wall 1" to prevent rust stains.  Aluminum spacers are available in my shop here.

 Decorative Rusty Address Sign



I treat the steel to a recipe that etches the metal a bronze color.  The etch allows the texture of the metal to show through. This color comes with clear powder coat over top so it is very durable and great for indoor or outdoor mounting.  

Metal Address Sign


Silver Brushed Steel:

A brushed stainless steel look but mirror like and reflective.  The metal is sanded and clear powder coated.  Super durable for indoor or outdoor applications. This technique shows the metalwork in its innate form.

Law Office Sign//Business Office Sign


Stainless Steel Powder Coat:

A metallic powder coat that gives a stainless steel finish.  It's similar to silver brushed steel, but diminishes the mirror effect and tones down the sanding lines. 



I create this effect by applying concentrated heat to the metal then finishing with a clear powder coat finish. 

Address Numbers


Fireside Copper:

This is a metallic bronze powder coat. 

Rustic Man Cave Sign


Burnt Copper:

Gloss black with a copper pearl tone.



Bullet Black:

Semi-gloss black powder coat.

Custom Farm Sign or Ranch Sign Plasma Cut


Copper Torch:

This color is achieved with the use of multiple etch recipes then powder coated clear over the top. I highlight key areas of the sign with the rainbow effect.

Custom Coat Rack


Plasma Color:

This is fresh off the plasma cutting table and clear powder coated.  The coloring is intrinsic from the sheet of steel it's cut from and heat of the plasma torch so it's pretty much completely out of my control.  The steel is not sanded - all the natural variations are what makes it cool.

Custom Metal Wall Sign


Blue Micro Pearl:

A pearlescent/metallic dark blue powder coat.

It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere Sign


Copper Plate:

This technique plates copper onto the steel surface and is then clear powder coated.  It will not patina.

 Wedding Date Sign


Special Order Colors:

I can close-match thousands of powder coat colors which I special order to fit your logo or color scheme. Additional $75 fee applies.



Keep in mind, all colors and etches can vary depending on the sheet of steel, the atmospheric conditions and many other factors.  No two of my signs are exactly the same, but this list gives a good idea of the colors I offer.

A note about powder coating:

Powder coat is far superior and more durable than ordinary paint. It contains no volatiles and is a plastic based powder which I apply to the signs by static charging the metal.  I then bake it at various temperatures in a powder coating oven (generally around 400 degrees).  As long as you don't damage or scratch your powder coated sign, it will last indoors or outdoors for a very long time. 


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